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Shipping Info

All of the orders are completed at our factory in Bali, Indonesia, and are shipped directly to the nearest port or terminal destination from the customer location. However if requested our cargo partner BSW CARGO BALI would be able to delivery the cargo shipment directly to the customer's door with some deals.
In most cases this is by sea or ocean freight service, but if there is a need for an expedited delivery our cargo parner also able to ship them by air cargo, which takes 4-7 days in most cases.

Shipping Route
Each individual order is collected by our cargo partner BSW CARGO BALI and would be packed in a custom built plywood box crate. Then it is shipped out in one of two methods. Firstly the item can be shipped out directly to the cargo terminal nearest to the customer, from where it can be picked up by the customer or delivered to the customer's doorstep by arrangement with the receiving cargo agent. Secondly it can be shipped directly from Bali to the customer's address. The second option may sometimes take longer to arrive as we need to wait for the next scheduled container departure, which is usually every 4-5 weeks from Bali. Orders to the rest of the world ship out to the respective nearest destination ports.

Tracking numbers are issued at the port of Singapore for all outward bound container vessels, and these numbers are sent out to each customer by our cargo partner BSW CARGO BALI as soon as possible. The tracking numbers can be entered at the appropriate shipping line websites if the shipment by FCL sea freight cargo shipment.

In the majority of cases orders are delivered within 6 weeks of the shipping date. It may be that several weather conditions cause delays to the shipping schedule, but this rarely exceeds 7-10 days. Furthermore all imported items may be delayed as a result of being the subject of a random inspection by the custom authorities, which is outside the control of the shipping lines.

The customer will be contacted by the nearest cargo agent approximately one week prior to the arrival of his order. Orders may be collected from the cargo agent's warehouse facility or may be delivered to the customer's doorstep by arrangement with the cargo agent. In order to receive the order, the customer must present the bill of lading, which is the official paperwork from the shipping line that is sent out to each individual customer by BSW CARGO BALI once they have been notified that the customer has paid the shipping charges. For this reason it is important that customers
do not make any late payment of the charges as this may cause unnecessary delays.

All items ship with insurance against damages.
If your item has defects due to faulty production, then it should be returned to the factory for a full refund including the shipping costs.

Freight Charges
All customers may contact our cargo partner BSW CARGO BALI at BSW.cargointl@yahoo.co.id for a quote on the shipping charges. Please state item# and size and also please give your location. You will receive in response within 24 hours. The quote will be good to the nearest cargo terminal. It may take up to seven days for a specific quote for delivery to your doorstep. The shipping charges must be paid in full before the item can be collected.

For convenience sake, the charges should be paid directly to Bali Stones carving together with balance payments. Please contact me at info@balistonescarving.com

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